Beachy Keen!



Our client, a surfer, lifeguard, and entrepreneur, wanted a Westfalia camper van interior that would serve as a traveling office/home for his growing business. He felt a strong connection to sun and surf, and wanted the interior of the van to reflect the serenity of the Big Blue.

We chose a pale driftwood finish for the main laminate, with aqua blue accents. The countertop surfaces and under-seat locker were done in carbonized bamboo. The Sunbrella striped upholstery fabric picks up the blue tones of the ocean.

The interior was built from the ground up, so some fun options were designed into it. The wardrobe features a double sliding door for easy access; spice rack in the front of the wardrobe, near stove and sink; in the back, a long shotgun drawer on the bottom and a combination drawer/shelf with storage for a portable barbecue. An extended overhead storage shelf adds to the usable storage over the food prep area with a nice place for your coffee when sleeping upstairs; a bamboo cutting board fits over the sink/stove-top when it is not in use. The work table slots into the drawers at different heights for dining or worktop; when not in use, it is stored under the rear seat.

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