Live, Work, Wander in a Westy

Jorge and Jessica Gonzalez are a pair of web-based designers who have a passion for travel, working as they wander. For their Westfalia “Falkor”, their requirements were unique in that this is a live-aboard van. Since they have electronic devices of many kinds, they needed a double pack of batteries as well as an inverter. So the challenge was to find the space for them while maximizing storage space for clothing and household items. So the first thing we did was make a storage compartment for the batteries to the side of the back bench seat. The inverter nestles in the storage unit under the bench seat. Additionally, Louis widened the access to the main battery under the passenger seat so that you can access the battery without taking the seat out.

Then the kitchen solution: Cabinets were designed around a standard built-in fridge, using a sweet Dometic 2-burner/sink combo with counter space to the left. The faucet folds down for traveling and a lid frees up counter space for work and keeps it covered while traveling.

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