Rhino Design Studio Makes Two 10′ Tall World Series Trophy Replicas

Rhino Design was contacted by the Major League Baseball organization in New York to provide a bid for creating two 10′ tall replicas of the World Series Trophy designed by Tiffany of New York. Each replica is sent a week early to the last two cities playing in the World Series, one of which would be rolled out onto the field at the final game to provide a background for the presentation ceremony of the actual trophy. We bid against 6 other companies in the US and they chose our version.

We got the go-ahead on the project in May, and then we got busy. We first visited the Giants organization in San Francisco at AT&T Park to survey and measure one of the actual Tiffany trophies in their possession. A really fun field trip, including lunch at Bubba Gump’s! From the information we gathered, we made scale drawings, modifying the design so that it had an oval footprint, 4 1/2′ wide by 2 1/2′ deep. The shallow presentation would provide more room on the stage at the award ceremony. Each trophy has 30 flags around the perimeter and a 4-tiered base. Additionally, each trophy shipped with 6 free-standing flags on steel bases that are 8′ tall, which would flank the trophy replica on the stage.

Since the finely crafted replicas needed to be safely shipped to two different cities somewhere in America and stored for a short time, we chose Anvil Cases because of our great past experiences with their quality craftsmanship, durability, and timely delivery. Because of the sturdy structure of the Anvil cases, we were able to install 3-level racks in the bottom of the cases to hold all of the flags. This rack structure then provided support for the 3 base components on top of the flags, one nested inside the next in graduated sizes, like a deconstructed wedding cake. Thanks to the great Anvil cases, which we had custom made in the MLB colors of red, white and blue, both trophies safely arrived in excellent condition at the two World Series playoff cities.

We never got to see them on the television this year, because the San Francisco Giants won the final game in Kansas City! It is an MLB tradition that the trophy is never awarded on the losing teams’ field, so the award ceremony was held in a conference room too small for the huge trophy. Maybe next year! Both trophies will be shipped back to Rhino Design in Sacramento, California, to be stored until next year. We are confident that they will safely rest in their beautiful Anvil cases until they are needed again.

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